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With support from KOICA, Kitkit School has been
made freely available for a limited time as a way to expand
access to digital learning during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our Product

Kitkit School

Kitkit School is an exceptional learning tool built to teach all children early reading, writing and math. Kitkit School uses best practices and research in game design and literacy and numeracy education to support children’s engagement and learning.

Our Impact

Powerful Results, Tangible Impact

The Enuma, Inc. team is committed to promoting an inclusive and equitable quality education where all learners can succeed. Since its launch, Kitkit School is transforming learning and delivering powerful results for children across the globe, regardless of their initial capacity and access to resources.

Our Team

Who We Are

Enuma is a leader in digital early learning solutions that are accessible to all children. Founded in 2012 with the mission of empowering children with special needs to learn independently, Enuma has worked to set new standards in user experience and accessible design for early learners.


6 days ago
#Education is a multiplier. It boosts economic growth, reduces poverty and inequality, and restores peace and stability. Explore #KitkitSchool's new initiative. https://t.co/EmTa0Hpco5 https://t.co/0tJHyXJ46P
7 days ago
During the course of the pandemic, teachers have come up with innovative ways to continue lessons. In an effort to improve access to quality education, Enuma is offering Kitkit School for free until the end of 2021. https://t.co/EmTa0Hpco5 https://t.co/w4srH2YRzj kitkitschool photo
1 week ago
Despite the current #COVID19 crisis, #KitkitSchool is delivering results for marginalized subgroups, as it reflects our commitment to bringing the highest-quality learning experiences to those who need it most. #SDG4 #EdTech

https://t.co/ta66v0RvJD https://t.co/6DHTorApiS
2 weeks ago
Of the world’s 26 mil #Refugees, about 1/2 are under 18. Before #COVID19 struck, refugee children were 2X as likely to be out of school than other children, w/fewer than 1 in 4 refugee kids enrolled in secondary edu. Explore #KitkitSchool's new initiative. https://t.co/EmTa0HGNMF https://t.co/bpvD9X98wz kitkitschool photo
2 weeks ago
#KitkitSchool combines best practices and leading research in game design as well as literacy and numeracy education to support children’s engagement and learning. #SDG4 #EdTech https://t.co/aZgVz1E6xV
3 weeks ago
Our work is supported by our visionary partners at @KOICA, who share our goal of making our #KitkitSchool more accessible to those who need it most. In an effort to reduce global learning inequities, we're offering it for free until the end of 2021. https://t.co/EmTa0Hpco5 https://t.co/C5q48phGfp kitkitschool photo