Kitkit® School is a comprehensive early learning solution built for ALL children.

Our Product

Kitkit School

Kitkit School is an exceptional learning tool built to teach all children early reading, writing and math. Kitkit School uses best practices and research in game design and literacy and numeracy education to support children’s engagement and learning.

Our Impact

Powerful Results, Tangible Impact

The Enuma, Inc. team is committed to promoting an inclusive and equitable quality education where all learners can succeed. Since its launch, Kitkit School is transforming learning and delivering powerful results for children across the globe, regardless of their initial capacity and access to resources.

Our Team

Who We Are

Enuma is a leader in digital early learning solutions that are accessible to all children. Founded in 2012 with the mission of empowering children with special needs to learn independently, Enuma has worked to set new standards in user experience and accessible design for early learners.


3 days ago
🏆So rewarding to see Rohingya #refugees in Bangladesh finding value in #KitkitSchool. Children are bringing what they learn home, and the programs are making a difference in the camps, with families and among staff. #SDG4 kitkitschool photo
1 week ago
Child-centered, tech-enabled approaches to education empower children to take charge of their own learning.

Click below to learn how @kitkitschool is partnering with #ImagineWorldwide, @Airbel & @RESCUEorg.
kitkitschool photo
2 weeks ago
#KitKitSchool is #MoreThanAnApp. -- It is a collection comprehensive tablet-based learning experience for early learners. #Literacy, #Numeracy Games, art, music, and a library of books and videos. #SDG4 kitkitschool photo
3 weeks ago
Every child, no matter their abilities, deserves access to a complete and equal education.

Tools like #KitkitSchool can transform the education landscape and provide exceptional learning for ALL children in early reading, writing, and math.

#SDG4 #EducationForAll
Global Partnership for Education @GPforEducation
18-year-old Chalachew has an intellectual disability.

When he was a child he attended a school which wasn’t equipped to teach children like him, so he made little progress.

Now, he is getting a second chance to learn.
3 weeks ago
#KitkitSchool is committed to promoting an inclusive and equitable quality education where all learners can succeed. Explore our Powerful Results and Tangible IMPACT online! kitkitschool photo
4 weeks ago
#DidYouKnow#KitKitSchool in-app library offers hundreds of books and videos. The library provides freedom for children to explore topics that interest them and creates a space for community learning and viewing. #EdTech #SDG4 #Literacy #Math kitkitschool photo
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