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Introducing Kitkit School

Find out what makes our tablet-based learning app so exceptional.

Who we are

Since 2012, Enuma has worked to change the education landscape for the better. Kitkit School is the evolution of that goal.

Exactly a year ago, we concluded our first usability testing of Kitkit School in Kenya and Tanzania. It was remarkable to see Kitkit so well received , but more importantly to learn so much about how to make it better for the kids. #kitkitschool ❤️
#TBT to exactly one year ago, when we were in Nairobi, trialling out an earlier version of Kitkit School. The Principal of the center we visited is a passionate and dedicated man. He tries to hard to bring as many wonderful learning resources to his students as possible, and motivates and supports his teachers too. He has a young daughter also. He said, if she could have just a few months with the Kitkit School program, shed do very well indeed. It meant a lot to hear such a positive statement from such a person.  :-) #kitkitschool

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