Request to Download Kitkit School

Request for an account
Receive a notification email with your login credentials after we review your application
Log into an admin page to access the Kitkit School installation package
Follow the instructions to download and install Kitkit School on your tablet device

Before Submitting the Request

Please double check that:

You will have access to a computer to download the installation package.
You have a tablet device that meets the minimum device specifications:
  • Supported OS version : Android 6.0 – Android 9.0
  • Storage : 16GB with 6GB available space
  • RAM : 2.0GB (minimum 1.7GB)
  • You can check your device specs in the Settings app. Please refer to the manual provided by the device manufacturer to learn how to check specifications of your device.
If you have further questions about installing and using Kitkit School, please visit our FAQ page.