Frequently Asked Questions

Kitkit School is a tablet-based application with a comprehensive curriculum that spans early childhood through early elementary.

It is designed to bring high-quality learning experiences to children who need it most around the world, providing them with the foundations and practice needed to build critical reading and math skills as well as confidence — regardless of their initial capacity or access to school and other resources.

In May 2019, Kitkit School was named a grand prize winner of the Global Learning XPRIZE competition. Over the course of the groundbreaking 15-month-long field test conducted by UNESCO and the World Food Programme in remote villages across Tanzania, Kitkit School delivered significant learning gains, demonstrating to the world the power of digital learning.

Designed to engage and empower.
Kitkit School combines best practices and leading research in game design as well as literacy and numeracy education to support children’s engagement and learning. The comprehensive learning suite – our learning app with over 2,400 activities, built-in library with hundreds of books and videos, and array of digital tools for exploration and self-expression – encourages students learning how to read, write, and perform basic math to become independent and motivated learners.

For diverse learners.
Our team has prioritized accessibility for diverse learners, such as children with special needs, language challenges, or those who are less motivated to learn. Utilizing international best practices in literacy and math education with Universal Design for Learning principles, Kitkit School is designed to help every child succeed as an independent learner.

Demonstrated results.
As a co-winner of the Global Learning XPRIZE competition, Kitkit School achieved the highest gains of all finalists in an unprecedented international competition. We have also conducted a number of field tests and case studies that demonstrated powerful learning gains. (See below for more details.) Our team is especially proud to see Kitkit School delivering results for marginalized subgroups, as it reflects our commitment to bringing the highest-quality learning experiences to those who need it most.

Kitkit School has proven to be highly effective, transforming learning and delivering significant gains for students.

  • As the grand prize winners of the Global Learning XPRIZE, Kitkit School demonstrated the greatest learning gains in numeracy and literacy skills for children in the competition’s 15-month field test. 
  • In Kenya’s Kakuma refugee camp, children who came from 9 different countries without any prior knowledge of English demonstrated remarkable learning gains in 8 short weeks. 
  • In a rural school in Rwanda, Kitkit school proved to support children’s self-efficacy and motivation to learn.

Please visit our Impact page for more details.

Launched in 2014, the Global Learning XPRIZE challenged innovators around the globe to develop scalable solutions that enable children to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic within 15 months. In partnership with UNESCO, World Food Programme, and the Tanzanian Ministry of Education, XPRIZE conducted a field test with 2,700 children across 170 remote villages in Tanzania.

Kitkit School was named one of the top-five finalists in September 2018 and was announced the co-winner of the grand prize in May 2019 for achieving the highest gains in the field test.

Team Kitkit is a product of the award-winning company Enuma Apps. We are an experienced and growing team of approximately 40 members gathered from Korea, US, Indonesia, Thailand, Kenya, and Tanzania. Some of us were game developers, researchers, teachers, and some worked in the field of international development. We started as a small team, and actively recruited new talent with diverse backgrounds as the project grew bigger and we considered all the rich data and possibilities in new geographies, contexts, and with updated versions.

For our full-service product, Kitkit School Pro, we offer simple installation tutorials, a range of hands-on and virtual support services, and easy-to-access web-based tools that allows administrators to centrally manage user information and data on student progress. Kitkit School is also available via GitHub as open-source code, though this version does not include the supports and features listed above. Please contact Team Kitkit at if you are interested in getting started with Kitkit School!

The Kitkit School Learning App is a suite of interactive educational activities that lets children learn and practice foundational literacy and math skills. The current version of Kitkit School includes 22 egg courses covering early childhood literacy and numeracy with about 2,400 learning activities.

Key Learning Areas: Math
Number identification / Quantity discrimination / Counting / Representation of numbers / Addition / Subtraction / Finding missing numbers / Shapes / Word problems / Multiplication

Key Learning Areas: Literacy
Oral language / Print awareness / Alphabetic principle / Phonemic awareness / Phonics / Spelling / Syntax / Vocabulary / Fluency / Written expression / Reading comprehension

Please see our About page ( for more information!

Kitkit School is currently available in English and Swahili.

Kitkit School is a globally-minded product that is designed to be easily adapted for use in other languages and contexts.

We are prioritizing opportunities to bring Kitkit to new geographies based on greatest need and readiness to scale. We are actively working with new and existing partners to support localization in additional languages so that we can continue to serve and best meet the needs of the children most in need.

Kitkit School has been tested for use in the traditional classroom and other more formal learning environments as well as in less formal and non-traditional spaces for learning. Kitkit has been proven to deliver positive results in a range of settings:

  • primary schools
  • community spaces
  • learning centers
  • 1:1 environments
  • refugee camps
  • homes

Kitkit School can be easily integrated with teacher-led lessons, as classrooms and school systems seek blended learning environments, and is designed so that kids can learn even when teachers and classrooms are not always available.

Children complete a variety of assessments to demonstrate their learning and unlock more challenging games and activities within Kitit School. This includes:

  • Mini-Quizzes to help children understand and track their learning progress
  • Post-Course Tests after learners have completed all available Sessions
  • Special Course Assessments at the end of the last Egg Courses in the Math and Literacy sections to help evaluate children’s learning progress

Kitkit School is compatible with Android 6.0 ~ 9.0, and requires a tablet with 2.0 GB (minimum 1.7 GB) Memory and 16GB Storage with 6GB available space. Kitkit School does not require internet access.

We hope to continue to improve upon our award-winning software and services, ensuring that Kitkit School is responsive to the needs of its users and working to close persistent opportunity and resource gaps. We will continue to grow and build thoughtful partnerships that will help us localize our product in new languages and for new contexts to get Kitkit into the hands of children across the globe.

Please send us an email at

We would love to hear more especially if you:

  • are helping or running an NGO and might be interested in bringing Kitkit School to your sites
  • have resources to localize Kitkit School to be made available in a new language
  • are a philanthropist who would like to see Kitkit School help to advance your cause
  • have resources and ideas to make Kitkit School more accessible for children in developing countries or under-resourced communities

If you don’t see an answer to your question, please fill out the contact request form at the bottom of the page or email us at!