A Comprehensive Early Learning
Solution for ALL Children

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We created Kitkit School to bring high-quality learning experiences to the children who need them the most around the globe. Named for the word “to think” in Thai, Kitkit School is a tablet-based application with a comprehensive curriculum that spans early childhood through early elementary. It is designed to provide children with the foundations and practice needed to build fundamental skills in literacy and numeracy along with opportunities to explore other subjects including music and art — regardless of access to school or resources.

What's Inside

Kitkit School is designed as a comprehensive learning platform that includes:

1. Game-based Kitkit Learning App       2. Library       3. Tools

1. Learning App

The Kitkit Learning App is a suite of interactive educational activities that let children learn and practice foundational literacy and math skills. The current version of Kitkit School includes 22 egg courses covering early childhood literacy and numeracy with about 2,400 learning activities.

  • Provides foundational digital literacy and early childhood skills necessary for later literacy and numeracy learning
  • A Sequenced Progression of core literacy skills, from letter recognition to phonics and print awareness. Sequential courses introduce new skills and reinforce previously covered concepts at more difficult levels
  • Key Learning Areas: Oral language / Print awareness / Alphabetic principle / Phonemic awareness / Phonics /  Spelling / Syntax / Vocabulary / Fluency / Written expression / Reading comprehension
  • 11 Egg Courses / About 280 Sessions / About 1,200 Learning Activities
  • Built on the team’s experience creating Todo Math, an award-winning, comprehensive Pre-K – 2nd Grade math learning suite with more than 6 million downloads worldwide 
  • Uses multiple visual representations and digital manipulatives that help children develop a deep, tactile understanding of math concepts
  • Universal math curriculum that spans number tracing through multiplication
  • 11 Egg Courses / About 260 Sessions / About 1,200 Learning Activities

2. Library

  • Multi-Leveled Books: Features over 130 culturally appropriate books at seven different reading levels to provide “just right” reading opportunities
  • Read Aloud Feature: By tapping a speaker icon, children can hear pages book read aloud. Children can select individual words to hear them read aloud, increasing engagement and comprehension
  • Variety of Genres & Engaging Topics: Expose children to a variety of genres, including fiction, nonfiction, folk tales, and biographies. Cover a variety of engaging topics, including animals, science, friendship, and role models
  • Culturally Appropriate Content: Designed to be culturally appropriate for children in developing countries. Feature a balance of male and female characters to promote a diversity of positive gender role models. Developed by Enuma® or in collaboration with Ubongo, a Tanzania-based Children’s Media Company

3. Tools

  • Help children build digital competency and offer children important opportunities for self-expression through art and music
  • Children select among eight learning tools that support self-confidence in their ideas and abilities
  • Include virtual instruments, a black-board to practice writing, and drawing and coloring tools to create unique artworks
  • Our field-testing to date has demonstrated children’s engagement with these tools, which allow them the chance to develop and showcase their creativity

Why Kitkit School

Foundational Skills

Learning is scaffolded to support cognitive development and self-exploration as students learn reading, writing, and math

Independent Learning

A truly child-centered, highly intuitive interface ensures that every child has the ability to succeed


Nature-themed graphics and accessibility functions engage and empower the world's diverse learners

Learn More About Kitkit School’s Learning Philosophy, Design Approach, and Curricular Framework

Kitkit School combines international best practices in literacy and math education with Universal Design for Learning principles to help every child succeed as an independent learner. Kitkit School’s flexible learning architecture comes to life with an intuitive and engaging user experience that overcomes cultural boundaries and creates positive educational outcomes for all the world’s diverse children. You can learn more about our learning philosophy, design, and research used to create Kitkit School by downloading our Kitkit School Learning and Design Document here.

Maintenance Made Simple!

  • Centrally manage everything from Chrome web browser
  • Track learner progress and collect insightful user data
  • Automatic data sync
  • Bite-sized video tutorials for administrators

Supported HARDWARE

Minimum Tablet Specifications

  • Supported OS version: Android 6.0 ~ 9.0
  • RAM: 2.0 GB (minimum 1.7 GB)
  • Storage: 16GB with 6GB available space
  • Screen resolution 1280 x 800
  • Continuous internet connection is not required

Supported LANGUAGE

Currently Available in Swahili and English

  • Kitkit School is a globally-minded product that can be easily adapted for use in other languages and contexts.